Principle 1 – COMMIT to Climate strategies

COMMIT to Climate strategies

Be strategic when addressing climate change. Institutional commitments to address climate change are demonstrated by senior management leadership, explicit strategic priorities, policy commitments and targets, which allow for the integration of climate change considerations within a financial institution’s lending and advisory activities over time.


Many financial institutions are taking action and demonstrating leadership on climate change, and many have made public commitments. For example, many development finance institutions as well as private financial institutions have made commitments to allocate capital and steer financial flows toward more low carbon, resilient activities (Box 4). Many also collect data and employ tools that help embed climate change considerations into their institutions.

Principle 1—COMMIT to climate strategies— recognizes that bottom-up, organic approaches to addressing climate change may not alone be sufficient to integrate climate change across strategies, policies and operations. It recognizes that seniorlevel commitments to address climate change can have a positive influence throughout all layers of management and operations. It emphasizes the importance of building climate change considerations into the strategic direction and vision of a financial institution, as well as through institution-wide actions.


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