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What is climate mainstreaming?

Climate mainstreaming is the systematic integration of climate considerations throughout a financial institution’s strategies, and operations.

Understanding and implementing climate mainstreaming

The five voluntary Principles for Mainstreaming Climate Action on which the initiative is based provide a framework to guide financial institutions through the process of climate mainstreaming.  They build on practices implemented by many types of financial institutions worldwide over the last two decades.


The climate mainstreaming resource navigator breaks down this framework into tasks that financial institutions carry out to mainstream climate within their organisation, helping them to identify, understand and implement emerging and good practice related to their area of work.


Navigating key initiatives and trends around climate mainstreaming

The financial sector has seen an explosion of initiatives and coalitions on different aspects of climate mainstreaming. Some work with specific types of financial to advance practices and make public commitments, while others seek to actively set or shape regulations and establish standards. This section aims to help financial institutions navigate the key trends and organisations.