UNEP – Adaptation Gap Report 2020

The fifth edition of the UNEP Adaptation Gap Report looks at progress in planning for, financing and implementing adaptation – with a focus on nature-based solutions.  It finds that while nations have advanced in planning, huge gaps remain in finance for developing countries and bringing adaptation projects to the stage where they bring real protection […]

CPI – Scaling Innovative Climate Finance Instruments: Experience from the Lab

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (The Lab) identifies, develops, stress tests, and helps launch innovative financial instruments that address investment barriers and drive private finance for energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, climate smart agriculture, nature-based solutions, adaptation & resilience, and other sectors key to a sustainable economy. In six years, the Lab has supported […]

AFD – Climate change and development bank project cycles

In the five years since the Paris Agreement, Development Finance Institutions have made various commitments to aligning their operations with climate change goals. In this report, authors analyze the extent to which those official commitments and principles have become manifest in the regular project cycle operations of a presentative sample of DFIs operating across the […]

UNEP FI – Aligning finance for the net-zero economy: thought leadership series

UNEP FI has partnered with EIT Climate-KIC to develop a series of thought leadership papers that aims to inspire financial actors worldwide to move from risk to alignment, challenge current assumptions around climate alignment and develop ideas and concepts on how alignment can best be achieved. We hope to encourage stakeholders that a proactive climate response is […]

WB – Transformative Climate Finance

This report analyses options to make international public climate finance more transformative. The report identifies eight sets of levers to drive climate action: project-based investments, financial sector reform, fiscal policy, sectoral policies, trade policy, innovation and technology transfer, carbon markets, and climate intelligence. It then examines how climate finance is deployed to address barriers to […]

IDBG – Increasing infrastructure resilience with nature-based solutions

There is general recognition and growing awareness that Nature-based Solutions (NbS) can play an important role in increasing climate change resilience and ensuring the delivery of sustainable infrastructure services. However, NbS have not been widely deployed to enhance climate resilience in infrastructure projects in LAC and in addition, the private sector has not fully engaged […]