Spreading a climate strategy into a whole organisation

2017 - 2018 Work Streams WS4 - Spreading a Climate Strategy into a whole organisation

Principle 1 – Commit to Climate Action – recognizes that bottom-up, organic approaches to addressing climate change may not alone be sufficient to integrate climate change across strategies, policies and operations.  It recognizes that senior-level commitments to address climate change can have a positive influence throughout all layers of management and operations. It emphasizes the importance of building climate change considerations into the strategic direction and vision of a financial institution, as well as through institution-wide actions.

Achieving this requires leadership from senior management at the highest level, including at the level of the board of directors and/ or governors. A climate strategy promoted by an institution’s leaders, in the form of climate-relevant strategic priorities, policy commitments, plans and/or targets, encourages a coherent approach and serves as a foundation and catalyst for an array of operational responses. This also requires, however, the collection of data, the development and implementation of tools and metrics as well as capacity building and knowledge sharing actions that contribute to embedding climate change considerations across the institution.

This Work Stream will look at the challenges and the current state of practice in terms of communicating a strategy from senior management and disseminating it through the management structure and the different business lines and teams across an institution, allowing for an integrated and organizational approach.

Context and Existing Work

In terms of creating a platform for knowledge exchange on this issue, the Climate Mainstreaming initiative will have a pioneering role. Currently, few initiatives exist to foster knowledge exchange on institutionalizing climate change between financial institutions. Within the development community, specific initiatives have been created around topics such as metrics for reporting and tracking the contribution of DFIs to mobilizing climate finance. Institutions such as the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee has principally led work looking at specific financial instruments and approaches. Furthermore, the International Development Financed Club (IDFC) has placed attention on this topic during the last two editions of the IDFC climate Finance Forum that have taken place in Paris and Morocco in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Objective and questions to be addressed

This Work Stream aims to form a working group of Supporting Institutions interested in practical exchanges on the drivers to ensure commitment and support from dedicated and operational teams once climate objectives and/or a dedicated strategy has been adopted.

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