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Public event

Making Climate Finance Work in an Uncertain World

Today’s climate and sustainability challenges require both long-term thinking and collective action. Achieving this in an increasingly complex and volatile world, and in times of sanitary, social, economic and environmental crises, is a major issue. Recognizing that they are insufficiently equipped to address it, an increasing number of financial stakeholders, including from the public development finance community, are developing a wide range of foresight approaches to better use the futures and integrate corresponding uncertainties in their strategies, activities and operating modalities. Some are also using such approaches to foster dialogue, partnerships and collective engagement and action.

This event discussed the relevance of using foresight in the area of climate finance, with concrete illustrations from development finance practitioners and policy makers, showing the benefits but also the challenges related to the implementation of anticipatory approaches and the integration of uncertainties. The event will also exchange on the need for collaboration to improve decision-making under uncertainty.