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Workshop of the FI Group on Aligning Financial Chains with the Paris Agreement: How to assess the level of “alignment” of a counterparty?

Over the course of 2021, exchanges within the FI Group on Aligning Financial Chains with the Paris Agreement culminated at COP26 with a clear message that counterparty alignment is a critical issue of concern across the financial sector. A growing number of banks, asset managers, institutional investors and asset owners have recognized the potential impact that supporting the alignment of their clients can deliver with a growing number committing to finance only aligned transactions and counterparties.

This workshop provided financial practitioners an opportunity to take stock and benchmark their own approaches against the landscape of emerging practice.

The discussions focused on 1) identifying the key convergence points of the different frameworks used across the financial community to assess the alignment of a counterparty, and 2) initiating discussions on how to frame the dialogue with counterparties on alignment. It will conclude with the identification of the support and incentives needed to accelerate the alignment of financial intermediaries and counterparties.

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