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Zoom on a SI: BDMG

During this webinar, BDMG presented its climate mainstreaming efforts.

Key points

  • The Development Bank of Minas Gerais operates as a subnational bank focused on impact and connecting local needs with global development agendas.
  • BDMG commitments include:
    • Expanding sustainable investments
    • Aligning BDMG’S operations with the 2030 Agenda
    • Extracting the potential of partnerships, technical cooperation and financial innovations

This page is only accessible to finance professionals from Supporting Institutions.  To become a supporting institution and gain full access to the initiative’s resources and events all your organization needs to do is send a statement of support expressing its support for the Initiative and acknowledging the guidance provided by the voluntary Principles for Mainstreaming Climate Action within Financial Institutions. The initiative does not charge any fees.