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Brazilian Development Bank

Information presented in this profile is for reference only. The Initiative, its Supporting Institutions and the Secretariat do not endorse the activities, tools or reports included in this profile.

Last updated: August 2023


Principal Strategic Documents:

Principal Tools and Methodologies:

In addition to the dedicated organizational structure and the internal actions that seek to engage and train employees, BNDES uses the following instruments to implement, monitor, evaluate and update its Socioenvironmental and Climate Policy within its operational framework:

  • Products, lines, programs and reimbursable and non-reimbursable funds to provide financial support;
  • sectorial resolutions, specific policies and other regulations;
  • internal procedures to enable risk assessment and social and environmental analysis of beneficiaries and projects;
  • methodologies to evaluate beneficiaries, credit risk and monitoring and also to assess the impact of the supported enterprises.

Key reports and other materials published by the institution: