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Nordic Development Fund

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Last updated: August 2023


Overview of climate mainstreaming approach and goals:

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) is the joint Nordic international finance institution focusing on the nexus between climate change and development in lower-income countries and countries in fragile situations. Since the introduction of the climate mandate in 2009, NDF has built a track record of adding value by financing climate mitigation and adaptation projects in close interaction with its extensive network of strategic partners. NDF provides financing on concessionary terms in the form of grants, loans and equity. NDF engages in both the public and the private sector, and uses financial instruments flexibly, alone or in various combinations, to match the needs of the project.

In September 2021, our accumulated climate finance portfolio consisted of 124 on-going or completed projects with total NDF financing of 451.2 million.

We consider adaptation to climate change a key priority for the coming years. Thus, we have set a target of directing at least 50% of our financing towards adaptation projects. Our geographical focus is in Sub-Saharan Africa where at least 60% of our financing commitments will be targeted over the strategy period until 2025.

We strive to achieve results within climate change adaptation and mitigation to increase resilience, reduce vulnerability and create ability to adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change especially among the most vulnerable populations, and to advance reduced emissions and accelerated development to a climate-neutral future compatible with the Paris Agreement.

Principal Strategic Documents:

Key reports and other materials published by the institution: