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Case study

African Development Bank: 5 Year Climate Change Action Plan puts climate change at the forefront of development

The African Development Bank’s Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP 2011–2015) was approved by the Board in September 2012 after 2 years of intensive dialogue and consultation. The Plan articulates 3 pillars: low carbon development; adaptation (climate–resilient development and building adaptive capacity); and the establishment of a financing platform.
Key points
  • A specific Action Plan on climate change provided the impetus necessary for the Bank to proactively engage with regional member countries on climate change. It also enabled the strategic restructuring, creation of new structures and hiring of staff to support the climate change agenda;
  • The principle of ‘learning by doing’ has guided implementation of Bank’s first Action Plan on climate change. Today the Bank is more aware of the areas in which it has comparative advantage; has developed relationships with new partners; continues to draw on the knowledge and expertise developed by the wider development community but also proactively shares its experience and contributes to joint initiatives is this area; and
  • Overall, the first Bank’s CCAP was useful to position climate change as an integral part of Bank’s development investments in Africa, while providing an opportunity for relevant Bank’s departments to work together and improve delivery on the implementation of the CCAP.