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Case study

Assessment of projects’ GHG emissions at AFD: implementation of a comprehensive carbon footprint tool

The assessment of the climate impacts of projects has become overtime an important element of the systematic assessment of the overall impacts of the projects AFD appraises for financing. This exercise is complementary to the accounting exercise of the amount of climate finance AFD deploys, and constitutes a key piece of the technical assessment of…
Key points
  • The Carbon Footprint Tool is a powerful vector to disseminate knowledge about climate change issues and related opportunities and risks both internally and with clients and partners.
  • As a result, the early implementation of the tool within AFD tremendously facilitated further climate change mainstreaming actions the following years.
  • The integration of carbon footprinting within operational procedures and the elaboration of a significant training program were also key.
  • Next steps relate to the elaboration of harmonized frameworks for GHG accounting across financial institutions, and further analysis of the potential strategic implications of carbon footprint assessments.