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Case study

EBRD’s Green Economy Financing Facilities

The EBRD Green Economy Financing Facilities (GEFF) programme provides access to the finance needed to invest in higher performance technologies through lines of credit to local banks, microfinance institutions and leasing companies. Minimum performance criteria to make it easier to identify and select technologies with higher efficiency, helping to addresses
Key points
  • Green finance has been firmly anchored in the Banking department of the EBRD since 1994 and is overseen by the head of Banking operations. It is supported by a Banking hierarchy that is equal in rank to the financial transactions and which sets the Banking mainstreaming targets. This has helped support the development and implementation of the GEFF.
  • To implement the GEFF, the Banking department has allocated dedicated resources to assess market potential, originate deals and attract co-finance, as well as to implement robust procedures for managing, reporting and verifying the use of proceeds and the resulting impact. In-house expertise is essential for leveraging outsourced expertise effectively.
  • Experience demonstrates that it is risky to implement a ‘green’ strategy without appropriate tools and guidance. Successful mainstreaming engages all levels of a financial institution: from management endorsement, institutional strategy approval and target setting to deal tracking systems, branch-level origination support and individual staff objectives. This has facilitated the roll-out and continuity of the GEFF.