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Case study

HSBC Sustainability Leadership Programme

In 2009, HSBC committed to training senior managers across all areas of its global business, as well as external stakeholders (such as strategic supply chain partners and key clients), on a 5-day experiential based Sustainability Leadership Programme (SLP).
Key points
  • Experiential learning supports a deeper involvement of participants (away from day to day technology / digital interface), enabling participants to fully focus, as well as think differently. This involvement is critical in mobilising a movement for change across HSBC and its key stakeholders.
  • Programmes gathering participants with different functions and from different geographic areas proved more successful in terms of collaboration and cross border initiatives. The diversity of cultures in each session lead to a better understanding of how everyone is working, breaking down barriers that may affect relationships and ways of working.
  • Inviting key stakeholders, such as strategic supply chain partners and more recently clients to the programme, has improved working relationships and developed collaborative ways of working. This development is key to working effectively across global systems, as well as bringing about meaningful sustainable change.