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IFRS S1 – General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information

Key points
  • IFRS S1 prescribes how an entity prepares and reports its sustainability-related financial disclosures. It sets out general requirements for the content and presentation of those disclosures so that the information disclosed is useful to users in making decisions relating to providing resources to the entity.
  • It sets out the requirements for disclosing information about an entity’s sustainability-related risks and opportunities. In particular, an entity is required to provide disclosures about:
    • the governance processes, controls and procedures the entity uses to monitor, manage and oversee sustainability-related risks and opportunities;
    • the entity’s strategy for managing sustainability-related risks and opportunities;
    • the processes the entity uses to identify, assess, prioritise and monitor sustainability-related risks and opportunities; and
    • the entity’s performance in relation to sustainability-related risks and opportunities, including progress towards any targets the entity has set or is required to meet by law or regulation.