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Case study

Mainstreaming Climate Change into the Interamerican Development Bank Group (IDBG)

In April 2016, at the Annual Meeting in the Bahamas, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) Boards of Governors endorsed “the goal of increasing the financing of climate change related projects in LAC to 30 percent of the IDB’s and IIC’s combined total approvals of loans, guarantees, investment grants, technical
Key points
  • Institutional targets are the starting point to spread a climate strategy into a whole organization.
  • Upstreaming climate change in strategic documents and programming, even before the discussion of specific projects with Governments is key to mainstreaming and taking climate change into consideration throughout
  • Incorporating climate change across strategies and operations requires building a robust knowledge agenda on climate change and materials to build internal capacity within the institution and to permeate climate consideration across the operations of the different sectorial teams.
  • Count on the support of “champions” at senior management level to help spread either climate-related priorities or the institutional target across the organization.
  • Building a network of focal points across the sectorial divisions facilitates mainstreaming across the organization.
  • Access to additional internal and external climate-tied resources is needed to make climate change considerations
    “more attractive” for the project teams.