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Public Bank Climate Tracker

E3G’s new interactive online tool called the ‘Public Bank Climate Tracker Matrix’, uses 15 detailed metrics to assess the degree of Paris Agreement alignment a selection of 15 public banks has achieved.

Key points

Metrics assess the following dimensions:

  • Promotion of green finance
  • Non-fossil to fossil energy ratio and scaling up climate finance in all sectors
  • Nature based solutions
  • Climate risk screening and assessment
  • Climate strategy and overarching strategy
  • Integration of climate into bank sectoral strategies
  • Institutional leadership and information sharing
  • Energy access and fuel poverty
  • Energy efficiency strategies, standards and investment
  • Fossil fuel exclusion policies
  • Greenhouse gas accounting and targets
  • Shadow carbon pricing
  • Integration of climate into country level work and country strategies
  • Technical assistance for implementing Paris goals
  • Transparency of climate finance.