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Case study

TSKB’s Turkey & CEEMEA regional Green/Sustainable Bond

In line with the Sustainability Committee’s targets of encouraging the industry in tackling climate change by new products, TSKB issued the first Green/Sustainable Bond in the Turkey & CEEMEA region and the world’s first Sustainable Subordinated Tier-II.
Key points
  • Ongoing communication and encouraging active involvement in sustainability process increased the awareness of TSKB employees’ and other stakeholders’ sustainability scope.
  • The Green/Sustainable Bond and Sustainable Tier-II issuances helped TSKB diversify its funding base and ensured that a wider investor base was reached.
  • The proceeds are used to fund climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable infrastructure projects. Thus, from the investors’ point of view investing in a green bond and sustainable tier-II allows to invest in the future of Turkey in a reliable and stable way, different from other investment instruments.