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Unboxing Nature-related Risks

UNEP FIs Unboxing Nature-related Risks report presents the lessons learned and key findings from a global piloting project with the private finance sector. This pilot tests the draft risk management and disclosure framework from the TNFD.

Key points

Some of the key highlights and findings found within the report are as follows:

  • Capacity building and improved resource allocation are key components for greater comprehension on the urgency of acknowledging and acting upon nature-related risks.
  • Further guidence and development needed on specific technical components such as data and metrics, nature scenarios, supply chain traceability and risk valuation.
  • There is an observed demand for better data and tools and specific guidence on tools, alongside building of consistency and comparability.
  • Futher stakeholder engagement with corporates and retail clients is seen as an important next step to imporve the collection of internal information and understanding of nature-related impacts and dependencies in a selected portfolio.