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Industrial Development Corporation

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Last updated: August 2023


Overview of climate mainstreaming approach and goals:

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is a development finance institution that supports sustainable industries, finances entrepreneurs, and through its operations, improves lives.

The Corporation pursues development impact through job-rich industrialisation and contributes to an inclusive economy. IDC is guided by environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices aligned with its commitment to good corporate citizenship and sustainable and responsible socio-economic development in its investment decisions.

The IDC plays an essential role in the Just Energy Transition and makes funds available for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Priority areas are investments in the renewable energy sector, energy efficiency and the hydrogen economy, amongst others.

Hydrogen offers a credible solution to decarbonisation and replacing fossil fuels in a world focused on mitigating climate change. Drawing on its experience and role in de-risking and helping establish a renewable energy industry, the Corporation is poised to play a prominent role in developing the hydrogen economy in South Africa.

Principal Strategic Documents:

Key reports and other materials published by the institution: