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Case study

Creation of IDC’s Climate Change Response Strategy

As a public DFI, the IDC supports the Paris Agreement, the broader sustainable development agenda and the new global emission reduction policy frameworks. The Bank has forged ahead with a green investments policy that embraces the transition towards a low carbon economy within its operational boundaries.
Key points
  • Developing and implementing strategy to ensure that climate change and environmental sustainability issues and opportunities are adequately mainstreamed and addressed in Bank operations, and in line with South African strategy program (CSP) and commitments to emission reduction.
  • Establishing a centralized climate change department or unit within the corporation which will assist to streamline all climate change related business, coordinate, provide an oversight, work with government and other private sector clients to develop and finance energy and climate change resilient programmes.
  • Development of guidelines and process to support implementation, including: Carbon Risk Management Guidelines; Internal Monitoring and reporting frameworks and guidelines.
  • Where critical human resource gaps are identified, workshops be held either internally or externally to build skills capacity to ensure that the climate change information meet the requirements of the Bank’s GRI indicators.