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2020 joint report on climate finance

The Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks’ Climate Finance is an annual collaborative effort to make public MDB climate finance figures, together with a clear explanation of the methodologies for tracking this finance. This joint report, alongside the MDBs’ publication of climate finance statistics in their respective corporate media, is intended to track progress in relation to climate finance targets such as those announced around COP21 and the greater ambition pledged for the post-2020 period.

Key points

In total, the MDBs committed US$ 66,045 million in climate finance in 2020 – US$ 49,945 million or 76 per cent of this total for climate change mitigation finance and US$ 16,100 million or 24 per cent for climate change adaptation finance. The net total climate co-finance committed during 2020 alongside MDB resources was US$ 85,084 million. Together, MDB climate finance and climate co-finance totalled US$ 151,129 million.