IDB – Disaster and Climate Change Risk Assessment Methodology for IDB Projects

Considering climate change and disaster risks within the design and construction process is important to increase the resilience of projects. The Inter-American Development Bank has developed a methodology to facilitate the identification and assessment of disaster and climate change risks and resilience opportunities in all relevant projects in the identification, preparation, and implementation phases. The […]

IDB – Implications of climate targets on oil production and fiscal revenues in Latin America and the Caribbean

In this paper, the Interamercan Development Bank explores prospects for oil production, public revenues, and unused oil reserves in LAC across hundreds of scenarios. Authors use the BUEGO (Bottom-Up Economic and Geological Oil field production) model to simulate field development and production decisions globally. LAC competes depending on global oil prices and domestic fiscal regimes. […]

World Bank – Lifelines

According to Lifelines, a new report from by the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the net benefit of building more resilient infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries would be $4.2 trillion, with $4 in benefit for each $1 invested. Authors of the report highlight that solutions to improve the resilience of infrastructure exist and investments […]